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Ken Stickney was born in Providence, R.I., the eldest of two children in a family of longtime New Englanders. From early on, his parents, both civil servants, emphasized the importance of hard work, education and self-reliance. He grew up as a high-achieving scholar athlete, eventually receiving a scholarship to study at Amherst College, where he earned a B.A. in psychology.

He went on to pursue graduate studies in animal behavior, earning an M.S. in biopsychology at U Mass Amherst, after a stint as a private school teacher in Pebble Beach. While teaching, he founded a climbing club, taking students on trips across the west and northwestern United States.  In this way, he was able to share his love of mountaineering while also fostering his students’ mastery of outdoor skills.  


Eventually, Ken became a software engineer, first in Boston and then here in Boulder, where he moved in early 1986 with his wife Jane. They fell in love with Colorado, spending free time cycling, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking and backcountry skiing. Their passion for the West led them to support various conservation causes.

Ken worked as a software engineer for more than thirty years, serving in roles as varied as individual contributor, senior director and program manager. While at Xilinx, where he spent his last 20 years before eventually retiring, Ken was co-author on two patents.


Fascinated with political philosophy, Ken pursued studies at the University of Colorado. More recently, Ken has been active in the Boulder County Republican Party. As a 33-year resident of Colorado House District 10, and its current GOP secretary, he is running as the Republican candidate in this election cycle to give voice to critical conservative principles and positions, in his words: “Now more important than ever.”

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