Climate Change

Clean air, clean water, and biodiversity are desired by all and must be defended for the survival of the natural world. At the same time, we all strive for a prosperous life free from want and suffering.


Recent events indicate that radical policies driven by predictive models can have disasterous unintended consequences. It is important to balance efforts to mitigate climate change with efforts to provide a better life for all mankind, in all aspects, including materially.

There is evidence that CO2 levels are increasing and some of that is attributable to carbon based energy production, but the nature and extent of adverse effects of this increase is still to be fully  understood. Global temperatures appear to be rising, but claims such as increased intensity and frequency of hurricanes due to this rise have not held up under scrutiny. Rising temperatures have adversely affected those in warm climes, but have benefited those in cold climes.

While it is important to continue to study effects of our activities on the Earth's climate, we need to proceed carefully in implementing policies, to protect the planet and  provide a path to prosperity for all. 

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