Energy Independence

Everyone agrees that energy independence is vital to our safety and security. Technical advances in oil and gas exploration have reduced the costs and improved the safety of this industry, and have allowed natural gas fired power plants to supplant coal fired plants, lowering carbon emissions. Wind and solar energy efficiency improvements continue to drive costs down to where they are nearly competitive with fossil fuel sources. This mix of energy sources acheives the goal of energy independence.

Eliminating most man-made sources of carbon emissions is something we can all get behind. There are many who are impatient with the pace of atmospheric carbon reduction, driven by belief in climate models predicting near term disaster. They demand more government control of this industry. That is not the answer. Free market forces should be allowed to deliver the cheapest, cleanest, most reliable energy available, without the government picking winners and losers.

Everyone, citizens and industry alike, is already on board for cleaner and cheaper energy. We must not burden our citizens with the added costs of government manipulation of energy production.

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