2nd Amendment

Self defense is a natural right, and the right to bear arms is a necessary corollary. Any instance of gun violence is a tragedy, but restrictions on law abiding citizens do not prevent them. Mass shootings are often cited as reasons to further limit gun ownership, but the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming number of these events occur in gun free zones. Highly restrictive gun control laws do not guarantee elimination of violence; Mexico has very harsh laws, yet suffers from extreme gun violence.

Instances of more gun control, such as the Extreme Risk Protection Order, have paved the way for abuse of other civil liberties, such as the right of due process, right to confront your accusor, and confiscation of private property. Restraining orders already provide a mechanism for protecting a person who feels threatened by another.

Other efforts, such as creating or raising fees and licences for gun ownership, put cost of ownership out of the hands of less well off individuals, who may need this ownership for self protection if they reside in high crime neighborhoods.

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